Padded Bed New Ribes

New Ribes has a metal frame and large padding with visible stitching. It is available in several versions and sizes and it is possible to choose the lining material and the type of opening mechanism one desires. It can be constructed as a fixed bed or a bed with an under case. Single bed protracts 80cm*190cm mattress, 1.5 size bed 120cm*190cm mattress and double bed 160cm*190cm mattress. New Ribes may be also purchased as a king size bed with 180cm*200cm mattress.



Available variants:
– Fixed
– Double frame container
– Convenient container

– Single bed 105cmx220cmx80cm h
– 1.5 size bed 145cmx220cmx80cm h
– Double bed 185cmx220cmx80cm h
– King size bed 205cmx230cmx80cm h